Threshold Of Dead (EP)




released January 1, 2004


all rights reserved



STIGMATIZED Santiago, Chile

Fabian Rivera

Sebastian Ibañez

Miguel Pinto

Carlos Vargas

·Ex miembros
(Threshold Of Dead)

David Duran -Guitarra
Rodrigo Duran -Bajo
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Track Name: Spectra
The humanity´s frontiers are closed
by the christian chains,
Sacred chains that torment
your existence and your nonexistence,
as those spectra, caught in the threshold
of the seekers of vengeance
and they claim the death of the religius oppresors.

They decide who lives and who dies,
they will be judged by dead spectra,
that haunt to their victims,
inside their dreams,
they will found their fatal destiny.

The humanity´s frontiers.....
Track Name: Geniuses Of The Multitudes
Enough betrayal, hate and violence
sleeps in the subconscious of people,
murderous masses by nature
it is our demential army.

Where to hide, to escape from our demential army.
It looks is our demential army.
The most lethal entity is the one who preaches against.
Where to hide....

Expecting to destroy them
to the geniuses of the multitudes
your mind is trapped
your body is free
Track Name: Realm Of The Dead
Inside the subconscious
it´s the answer of the sacred,
Fear and ignorance
are the dogmas of your mind.

Nothing is real in the human existence,
search the secret in the realm of the dead.

See beyond of your knowledge,
fell the presence of the dead,
the sacred soul is here
it´s caught in eternal pain,

nothing is real.....

The spectra watches you,
they´ll surround you soul,
they´ll paralyze your flesh,
it´s time to die.
Track Name: Sacred Pillars
Watch towards the infinite,
you´ll find a sea of doubts,
who assures the god´s presence?
or you should believe in what others proclaim.
The only requirement to refuse
it is your own curiosity.

Universe without space edge,
without origin and final,
the only....
I reveal the false mystery
I stigmatize the opponent
I am my own energy source
I destroy the sacerd pillars

Universe without space edge,
without origin and final
the only....
Track Name: Spiral Of Chaos
No final, massive destruction in search of immortality,
entities of adoration,
dogmas without right of reflection,
do you want to die?
your mind is a lethal weapon,
the eternal hate of your religion
.....pathetic immolation

Your soul cannot escape
from the temptation to kill again,
through the threshold of the dead,
you reign on eternal torture,
do you want to die?...

Now revenge it´s a matter of time,
Death will cause the spiral of chaos.

Your mind cannot escape
from the temptation to kill again,
your soul cannot escape
from the spiral of chaos

Heores of immolation
are praised by their town,
the town of real darkness
are praised by their gods,
all signs of the end
like in the other life,
trapped between life and death,
dead for years
now it´s time for revenge

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